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ENTRY FEE: £1.00 per walker (Cheques made payable to Thames Valley Walking Club)
AWARD: Cloth badge at £2.50 each
START VENUE: Life Centre, Milehouse Road, Plymouth, Devon   PL2 3DG.
DIRECTIONS TO START: From the A38 take the A386 (Manadon) exit signed ‘Plymouth Argyle Football Club’. Follow the signs for PAFC and Park & Ride signs (approx 1 mile from A38) then sign for Life Centre. You will see the football ground and large car park on your left. Take the next left (Mayflower Drive) and follow sign for parking.
CAR PARKING: At the Start (Free).
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Train: Plymouth train station is about a 15-minute walk from the Plymouth Life Centre site, via Alma Road or through Central Park. Alternatively there is a taxi rank just outside the station and a bus stop a few minutes’ walk away on Saltash Road (over the footbridge).
Bus: Buses to Central Park
TERRAIN: Urban areas, roads and coastal paths
REFRESHMENTS: There are numerous pubs, cafes, shops etc along the route.


With your back to the Life Centre cafe, turn left & walk around to the rear of the building.  Walk through car park to Outlands Road. Cross road & turn left. At Scott Road junction note plaque on wall.

Q.1 Whose home formerly stood on this site?

Continue straight on. At traffic lights go ahead into Milehouse Road, straight on uphill & continue ahead to reach traffic lights. Cross Ford Hill & continue straight on up Packington Street & ahead into park with Trig Pillar ahead. Take right hand path and at junction take sharp left going uphill. At next junction turn right past playground on your right. (This fort is one of a series around Plymouth to protect the city from a possible French invasion.)

Follow around to reach the fort entrance & exit to road. Turn left on road & at junction with Devonport Road turn left, then turn right into Church Street. Continue straight ahead at cross roads into Underhill Road. At T junction turn right over railway then immediately turn first left. (Note the bullet & blast holes in the metal bridge where a German Me 109 shot at a train during WW2).

Follow road passing flats on the right to the bottom of hill.  Turn left to traffic lights. Turn right into Molesworth Road, passing Mill Bridge pub on right. Go ahead & cross road at zebra crossing turn right to read plaque re Mill Bridge.(This was the scene of two battles on the same day during the Civil War. The forces of  King Charles twice stormed the Bridge but were twice repulsed). Re-cross road into Edgcumbe Avenue.

(At gate in corner of fence on left look across playing fields. The buildings were the Royal Naval Hospital, before being closed. The stone steps in front of you was a military hospital [now a school]. The fields between the two was a tidal creek that was crossed by Mill Bridge linked to the River Tamar. During Victorian wars, wounded servicemen would be brought from ships anchored in the river up the creek to their respective hospitals.)   

Follow around keeping fence on left to reach main road. Cross road, turn right & go into small park, follow path to the left & up steps passing Stoke Dameral church on left. From church grounds turn right & go to old railway footbridge in left corner, turn left after bridge into Providence Place (sign at far end) then right onto Paradise Road passing PH on right.  (Below to the left is the site of what was Devonport’s main railway station, note the original GWR railings which were left in situ during WW2 & not added to the war effort in case people fell off the edge. Just before traffic lights look over wall on the right to see tunnel entrance.) 

Go ahead to traffic lights cross junction & turn right into Devonport Park, follow path forking right uphill then centre path passing cafe [toilets at rear also dog friendly] to memorial. Follow circular path anti clockwise to Boer War memorial gun.

Q.2 What is written along the top edge?

Turn right at the gun, take path towards houses go through fence, turn left with small  park on right, keep on path & follow to road. Turn left into St Nazaire Approach (sign at far end) and onwards to main road, go straight ahead into Ragland Road using crossing. Continue ahead through bollards, passing gatehouse on right. (This was the gatehouse of Raglan barracks). Continue ahead on road to reach main road. Cross road & turn right.

At bus stop bear left into Theatre Ope. (The imposing building ahead was Devonport’s town hall until its amalgamation with Plymouth.) Turn left into George Street. Continue ahead & turn right into Clowance Street. Continue ahead to T junction. (On the other side of the high wall you can see the gable end of the old rope store. Just before the rope store there is also a last working gallows).

Turn left & continue on path, Turn left along water front to end up at a spiral staircase.  (To your right is a ship’s wooden figurehead locally known as ‘King Billy’. It was during the reign of King William that the large stone building across the water to your left, the  Victualling Yard / William yard was completed, and named after him. The large shed behind Billy was used for the building and refitting of wooden warships.) (The statue above is of ‘Scott of the Antarctic’ – a local hero.)

Climb staircase, continue ahead along path to reach pavement & continue to reach roundabout, turn right. At next roundabout turn right into Durnford Street & uphill.  (The coat of arms on the wall is that of Stonehouse, which was once a separate town to both Plymouth & Devonport.)

At the top of the hill bear right into Cremyll Road. Follow ignoring side turnings passing toilets on left and Cremyll passenger ferry to Cornwall on right.  After passing old crane turn right keeping water on right as you pass back of buildings. Bear right keeping the water on your right. Go onto decking outside of Royal William Yard. Follow decking around corner, over swingbridge if in position. If not, walk around small basin & back to the other end of the swingbridge. Keeping water on your right walk towards long set of steps, up steps & follow path around to left.

Q.3 On plaque on right what name is below the Acorn?

Keeping water on your right walk past gun emplacements & past a car park, then follow road to Artillery tower and continue on road past toilets. Take foot path on right. Continue past the blue gates of Nazareth House on right & straight on past St Pauls Church into Durnford Street. (All the quotes on brass plates in the pavement are from Sherlock Homes, more info at No 93).

Continue past Stonehouse Barracks & take next right into Barrack Place. Continue ahead along Millbay Road to roundabout & straight on to smaller roundabout. Passing gold bullion & Slippers on right. (Read plates on the ground just ahead of you & around bullion), Bear right into Citadel Road.(This was the site of Plymouth’s old main railway station, note the two large hotels that used to serve the station. Read the plates on the gate post on your right about Millbay prison).

Go up Citadel Road. Take first right into Prospect Place (no sign). As road narrows continue ahead past concrete bollard on what becomes a footpath. At road continue ahead & at Elliot Street turn right onto Plymouth Hoe. Head along the promenade towards the lighthouse in front of you. ( This is Smeaton tower, the old Eddystone light house).

With your back to the tower, cross the Hoe to the largest memorial. Standing just in front of the memorial, you will see a bowling green on your left. (It was here that Drake was reputed to have played bowls whilst the Armada sailed up the channel. Take time out to look at the magnificent memorials.) Continue along the Hoe going to the left of the telephone kiosk at the end. Follow path around to left towards an obelisk.

Q4: To whose memory is the obelisk dedicated?

Go down next steps, turn left & continue straight ahead crossing road to pass Citadel Gateway on right & Commando memorial on left. Continue along Lambhay Hill. At fork bear left into Lambhay St (no through road), then use steps ahead. Turn right downhill past pillar to gap in wall & sharp left down steps.

Q.5 At the bottom of steps, to your right, to whom is the 10 Sqn RAAF Memorial Plaque dedicated?

(On road look at plaques on wall on left). Go downhill past the Admiral MacBride PH (dog friendly) passing the Mayflower steps on right, cross road to ‘mine’. Cross again & turn right into New Street, Plymouth’s oldest street, just past the Liberty Tudor House, take alleyway on right (White Lane). Turn left on Southside Street, then turn right to the quay. Turn left along the quayside, then just through black bollards turn left into Parade Ope, to T junction.

Turn right on Southside Street to T junction. Cross road & turn left on pavement, turn first right into St Andrews Street. At right bend turn left down the side of the Merchants House then turn right towards church. At the top of Finewell Street turn right and then left up St Andrews Street (you have just walked around the Magistrates court) & straight ahead. At top of the road bear right to pass in front of the RBS Clock Tower and into Exeter Street. Using the crossing in front of the Jurys Inn cross the road and ahead uphill passing the Alms houses on your right. Turn right into Ebrington Street.

Q.6 On Corner of Building is a plaque, when were the Alms Houses first built?

Ahead to take fourth left into Gasking Street (The casino on the corner is made up of two Nissan huts from after the bombing of Plymouth) Go uphill round right bend and continue uphill to traffic lights. Straight on along Lipson Road 400m. Opposite Greenbank Avenue go up ramp on left into park. Take left fork, then right fork, straight on to left of shelter then bear left to memorial. (You are now at Plymouth’s Civil War Memorial at Freedom Fields, the site of a civil war battle.)

Q.7 What year was the Sabbath Day Fight?

Behind the memorial go towards house with sign ‘Queens Gate Villas’ & continue past it to main road. Turn left on Queens Road. Continue along Kensington Road around left bend & turn left past telephone box. (The square stone building you pass on your right was a Victorian prison.) At road junction, turn right passing fire station on right at traffic lights Turn right downhill. Cross road at crossing. Turn Right, continue straight ahead at traffic lights past Mutley Baptist Church on your left to reach Hyde Park public house on your right.

Bear left & continue ahead on Hyde Park Road. At Gabriels Church, turn left down Peverell Terrace. At T-junction turn right and at bottom of hill turn left between stone pillars into park. From the stone gate posts of Central Park opposite Barn Park Road, go straight on up the tarmac avenue. At the end turn left with car park on your right, pass Plymouth Argyle football ground on your left to reach the Life Centre and the end of the walk.

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The organisers are not liable for accidents, thefts and/or damage to property. Every effort will be made by the organisers to make this a safe, enjoyable and memorable event.

This trail is registered until 31 December 2019